Today is time of Tangos Flamencos. We will see claps, compás, and a mini-falseta. In this post you have the video and the downloadable material.

Chariots of fire Tutorial video

I have enjoyed too much recording this video, however this is a hard work. I’ll be very happy if you share it. Thank you


Additional material (scores and tabs):

In this pdf you have a review of the contents we worked in the video.

Download Tangos Flamencos Score+tab (67 downloads)

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  • Muy buen tutorial maestro. Gracias, a x una nueva temporada!!👏. X cierto, te acuerdas de lo q te pedí?, bueno, te lo recuerdo,jeje: te pedí cuando empezaras la nueva temporada, de hacer un tutorial de la taranta de paco de lucia (fuente y caudal), se podria?.gracias

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